Honda Dealership

Santa Fe, NM

Honda Dealership

The new 30,000 square foot, two-story building was constructed with the use of a combination of pre-manufactured metal building systems, cold formed steel (light gauge) and structural steel framing. Geotechnical investigation determined that the existing building site required extensive over excavation prior to the construction of the building. As an alternative, LTSE provided a BRAB type foundation type to reduce the potential for future settlement. Design for the foundation system was completed using a finite element analysis and model based on subgrade modulus, allowable soil bearing pressure, center and edge lift values. The foundation design proved challenging, in this case, due to high point load conditions from the metal building columns, vehicle lift and pit locations in the service area, and slab depressions for second story lifts and stair.

Contractor: Enterprise Builders Corporation

Architect: Lloyd & Associates Architects

Location: Santa Fe, NM